Incredibly smooth coffee

I tend to avoid dark roast coffee because I've found it to be too bitter and it doesn't taste good to me. I wanted to try this and was BLOWN AWAY by how good it was. Not only was it incredibly smooth, it had such a great flavor and smell. I was able to taste the Brazil Nut flavor in the coffee and I could detect hints of brown sugar. Though this is quite a bit pricier than my normal coffee, I can honestly say it is worth the extra expense. I can taste the difference in the quality. I will definitely be getting more of this when I run out.

Leslie F.

verified buyer

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Black Diamond

High Caffeine for Maximum Performance

Elevate your success with an exceptional caffeine boost in every cup! Our purposefully crafted dark roast is designed for the driven individual, delivering the perfect amount of caffeine to amplify focus and high performance without the jitters.

  • High caffeine for maximum performance
  • Embrace the grind and commit to excellence
  • Unleash incredible flavor with a powerful caffeine kick.

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Commit to Excellence with Black Diamond!

Fuel your success-driven efforts and rise above the rest.

This purposefully crafted dark roast delivers the perfect amount of caffeine for amplified focus and high performance. Embrace the grind and unleash your full potential.

Unleash Your Potential

Fuel Your Ambitions with Intense Focus and Clarity

Black Diamond Coffee is not just about bold flavor—it's about unlocking your true potential. This carefully crafted blend is designed to enhance your mental focus and clarity, allowing you to channel your energy towards achieving greatness. Whether you're tackling a demanding project, engaging in deep work, or pursuing personal goals, Black Diamond Coffee empowers you to unleash your full potential and conquer the day.

Elevate Your Coffee Experience

Revolutionize Your Morning Routine with Black Diamond!

Our highly caffeinated dark roast defies industry standards, providing exceptional taste without compromising on strength. Experience the invigorating aroma and rich flavor that stimulates your senses and fuels your drive for achievement. This is the best high caffeine coffee in the world, designed for the best of the best.

One Scoop Per Day Keeps Mediocrity Away

Choose Black Diamond for Unmatched Performance!

Don't settle for average. Our premium dark roast packs a powerful punch, delivering the ultimate caffeine kick without sacrificing taste. Start each day with the fuel to achieve greatness and leave mediocrity behind. Experience the best coffee for the best version of yourself.




Brings a bold and intense flavor but also packs a higher caffeine content, providing a robust energy kick and promoting mental alertness.

  • Brings a bold and intense flavor to your coffee.
  • Packs a higher caffeine content for a robust energy kick.
  • Enhances mental alertness for a focused and invigorating coffee experience.


Crafted with natural brown sugar, our blend not only sweetens your coffee but also provides a quick energy boost.

  • Sweetens your coffee with natural brown sugar.
  • Provides a quick and natural energy boost.
  • Adds a touch of sweetness


Brings antioxidant properties, promoting overall well-being and turning your coffee into a luxurious treat.

  • Indulges your senses with the richness of dark chocolate.
  • Brings antioxidant properties for overall well-being.
  • Transforms your coffee into a luxurious and decadent experience.


Adds a nutty flavor to your coffee while providing essential nutrients like selenium, contributing to a well-rounded and nourishing coffee experience.

  • Introduces a nutty flavor to your coffee.
  • Provides essential nutrients like selenium.
  • Enhances the coffee experience with a well-rounded and nourishing touch.



Fresh, delish, with a great kick and brain boost

"I love good high octane coffee and enjoy drinking it many ways. Black Diamond is by far the best I’ve ever tried."


Valerie C.

This is a smooth tasting, non acidic coffee.

“You can drink it black if you want to eliminate creamer from your diet.”


Salford R.

Perfect morning coffee for a busy day.

“I'm not usually a dark roast fan but this has definitely changed my mind!”


Bobby B.

Why 20,000+ hustlers
chose Black Diamond to unlock their full potential.

High Caffeine Premium Dark Roast

Supercharge your success-driven efforts with an unfair advantage in your cup every morning! This is purposefully crafted coffee for the purpose-driven individual... We know that if you don't grind, you won't shine! Our expertly crafted blend packs the perfect amount of caffeine to amplify focus & high performance without giving you the jitters!

Made For Those That Love The Grind

Top Shelf Grind exists beyond your morning cup of joe. Top Shelf Grind represents an idea and a culture. We know that success starts first thing in the morning & this brand was built to support you on your journey to win the daily grind!

Premium coffee to fuel excellence. Make the best of your morning ritual!

Incredible Flavor (Dark Chocolate & Brown Sugar)

Did you know that high caffeine coffee can still taste incredible? Yes, seriously! Our expert team went through countless variations & bean combinations until finally landing on the perfect blend! Hints of dark chocolate magically merge with brown sugar & brazil nut tasting notes, all while maintaining an incredibly powerful amount of caffeine content per serving!

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Is Black Diamond suitable for vegetarians or vegans?

Black Diamond is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans, making it an inclusive option for various dietary preferences.

How should I prepare Black Diamond?

To prepare Black Diamond, the beans should be grinded before brewing the coffee using a coffee-maker.

What does Black Diamond taste like?

The taste profile of Black Diamond mirrors a hint of brown sugar and dark chocolate.

Can I consume Black Diamond if I have a specific medical condition?

Individuals with pre-existing medical conditions should seek advice from a healthcare professional regarding the consumption of coffee, including Black Diamond, to ensure a tailored approach to their specific health needs.