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Top Shelf Grind is for those that believe in writing the rules, creating their reality and driving society forward.

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For those that embrace the grind... Creators, entrepreneuers, business owners, investors, builders, hedge fund managers, the origination of this brand was for you.

This is for the operators that live life on their own terms. This is for the business owners that can travel & work from anywhere. This is for those that double down on themselves, every single day.

The Grind propels society forward.

Brew your coffee, eliminate distactions and lock all the way in



Take Ownership of Your Life


Eliminate Toxic Emotions


Maintain Long-Term Time Preference


Have a Bias for Action

Meet the Founder

Hi, my name is @robert.oliver (on TikTok) and after building & selling my last company north of 100M, I've made this chapter of my life all about nurturing entrepreneurship & teaching financial freedom.

Entrepreneurship makes the world go around. Period. Today’s society discourages value creation & wants to brand a victim mentality deep into your consciousness. I reject that with every fabric of my being. How are we going to explore new galaxies, cure cancer & stop aging entirely? Through my Top Shelf Grind Billionaires Coffee Club & geniusBNB group, we are developing a counter movement. Through modern education & principles of timeless value creation, we will arm you with the tool to escape the 9-5 and forever leave your mark on the world. Drink & Grow Rich, my friends

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Billionaires Coffee Club

Our community is DIFFERENT. They say you're the average of who you surround yourself with so shouldn't you be around proven business owners, seasoned investors & creators that think outside of the box?

Drink Grow Rich

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