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Life is too short to be average.

Top Shelf Grind is for the free thinkers that know it's possible to create your own reality.

Develop your body. Ignite your genius.

The Grind has no limits!

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Alpha Grind

Alpha Grind

4.9/5 (1057)

  • Natural energy boost
  • Instant maca coffee for men
  • Brain nootropic for clarity & focus.


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Liquid Gold

Liquid Gold

4.6/5 (1340)

  • Unlock elite thinking & mental clarity
  • Stimulate creativity motivation & concentration
  • Supercharge cognition


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best seller

King Maker

King Maker

4.9/5 (672)

  • Maximum masculinity
  • Enhanced physiognomy
  • Powerhouse formulation.


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Mushroom Coffee

Mushroom Coffee

4.4/5 (3181)

  • Enhance cognitive power and focus
  • Boost creative drive and mental endurance
  • Amplify mental acuity and performance


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Love Bombed

Love Bombed

  • Pheromone Enhanced Cologne
  • Attraction Boost
  • Long Lasting


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About us

Break the simulation

For those that embrace the grind...

Creators, entrepreneuers, business owners, investors, builders, hedge fund managers, the origination of this brand was for you.

This is for the operators that live life on their own terms. This is for the business owners that can travel & work from anywhere. This is for those that double down on themselves, every single day.

The Grind propels society forward.

Experience Alpha Grind, and become limitless.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to empower the free thinkers & create a community that will impact the world.

our values

Fueling Your Hustle

Take Ownership of Your Life

Our coffee symbolizes self-determination. It's a choice that fuels your journey towards personal success.

Eliminate Toxic Emotions

Our coffee encourages a positive mindset. Start your day with a cup, letting go of negativity and embracing productivity.

Have a Bias for Action

Our coffee is for the doers. We inspire action and bold decisions with every cup, fueling the hustle that drives success.

Maintain Long-Term Time Preference

Our coffee is for those who value patience and long-term goals. Every sip is a step towards your long-term vision.

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