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what is
King's Collective?

Kings Collective is the worlds first membership organization founded on the mission of coaching Men to Elite Standards of Physical and Mental Performance.

Our Mission is to Make Savage the Body and Civil the Mind.

Our training and coaching system is a year long experience designed to take any man from Zero to Hero status.

You will DOMINATE Your Life

Kings Collective is NOT for Everyone

The Problem with Men Today...

Modern Men Lack STANDARDS

Your life is defined by the standards you follow.

A standard represents a minimum level of accomplishment and performance that you hold yourself accountable for.

The HIGHER Your standards, the greater your success in life.

But Modern Society has steadily abolished the belief and practice of high standards. Excellence is discouraged. Fitting in is more important than standing out. Strength and Masculine virtues are demonized and called toxic.

The Average Man today is overweight, deconditioned, and in

poor physical and mental health.

His lack of standards makes life a daily struggle.

This is not opinion, this is FACT.

One need only look at the statistics on Male Depression, male suicide, and pessimsim towards the future to see that men are struggling.

But if you reading this right now, you do not want to

You want to THRIVE.

You Want to WIN.

You Want to be a KING.

He who would do great things must not only be willing to do great things, but must also be willing to suffer great things.

~Marcus Aurelius~

Kings Collective is the System to Transform You

When you join Kings Collective, you are committing to a 1 year coaching process.

Our System is designed around training you to achieve concrete physical standards for Strength, muscle, and aesthetics.

  • You Will become Measurably Stronger
  • You will become More Muscular
  • You will lose bodyfat and Become Leaner
  • You will become objectively more ATTRACTIVE

You Will Complete 4 Distinct Training Phases


Learning the standards, the training system, and put it all into practice


Begin seeing visual changes in bodycompositaion and new levels of performance in the gym


Reach the next level of your potential with new performance gains for strength and conditioning


Take total control through proven physique peaking methods to reveal your best body ever

What You Get In Kings Collective

Online Community

An Exclusive Onlaine Community for Coaching and Accountability

Coaches Checkins

Thrice Weekly Checkins with your coaches

Training Programs

3, 4, or 5 day Training Programs to Get You into the greatest shape of your life

Diet Templates

Individualized Diet Templates and meal plans to get you building muscle and dropping bodyfat

Health Optimization

Referral for hormonal and metabolic testing to optimize your hormonal health for maximum energy and performance

Video Exercises

How-To Video instruction for all exercises and form checks whenever you need them

Quarterly Contests

Quarterly contests to win up to $1000 for most dramatic transformation

Dominate Your Life

Our training and coaching system is a year long experience designed to take any man from Zero to Hero status.